We hosted a Biblical fellowship at our house each Sunday morning.

The house fellowship is not a traditional ‘church service’. Here are some of the things we try to do:

1. Encourage

2. Exhort

3. Admonish

4. Read Scripture out loud, and then explain why you read.

5. Pray: individual, group, praise/worship, petition, intercession, repentance, sentence prayers, conversational prayers, thanksgiving.

6. Testify! Give a report of God’s grace in your life recently.

7. Recount a story of something you saw or heard or experienced, a story that teaches a spiritual truth or fact about God.

8. Prophesy, acute insight into the mind of God; it doesn’t have to involve predictions.

9. Meditate/Reflect

10. Repent and confess: if you get a strong confirmation of forgiveness from the brothers and sisters in the meeting, it may give you much reassurance of God’s forgiveness.

11. Reinforce! If you agree with what someone else says, briefly say so.

12. Take notes!

13. Get physical: hold hands, kneel, lay on hands.

14. Lead a song, a hymn, a chorus, a round.

15. Do not spectate; we are a priesthood of believers; everyone is invited and expected to participate. Do not dominate the meeting.

16. Bring thoughts from your quiet time to share with the group.

There is no pre-determined format for our meeting.

Church attendance is often substituted for fellowship. To some fellowship is like a jar full of marbles. The marbles are in the same jar but there is little togetherness. The marbles have little effect on each other as they roll around in a jar. They just bump into one another. But real fellowship is more like a jar of… grapes that bleed on one another. Fellowship should allow our faith to rub off on one another.

It is a serious mistake to be so preoccupied with living for God as not to have time for living with God, adoring Him, listening to Him, worshipping Him, and consciously resting in His love

Wise people are those who treasure the lamp of God’s Word, seeking out and crying out for the light of Truth. We are wise when we by God’s grace are humble enough to accept how unprepared we are in ourselves.

What did Samson look like? If he looked like a bodybuilder, why did Delilah ask him for the secret to his strength? He likely looked wimpy, just like we all do before the Lord! God can use me best when I realize I am powerless without Him.

Our obedience is an offering of love to God and He does not expect us to compare what we bring to Him with what other human beings are offering Him. Whenever we try to assist others in their Christian experience it must be done in love and not in condemnation and rejection.

God is not looking for people who know how to appear religious or speak the latest “Christianese.” He is looking to transform us from the inside out that we may bear the image of Jesus Christ to the unsaved world.

The churches are cluttered with religious amateurs culturally unfit to minister at the altar, and the people suffer as a consequence…Much that is being done in Christ’s name is false to Christ.

The members of The Church are not joined in, but born into it, by the supernatural intervention of the Holy Ghost.